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Media Center

Mrs. Wilbanks is the Media Specialist at EJMS. Prior to her new position, Mrs. Wilbanks has been a reading teacher, a language arts teacher, and a math teacher. She is so excited to welcome students to check out books, participate in STEAM activities, and most of all help them grow and learn. 

Circulation Policy

Students are encouraged to come to the EJMS Media Center as often as they would like (and their teacher allows) to borrow books for their reading pleasure and instructional needs.

Students may only have two books checked out at a time. 

Books are checked out to students for a two-week period. At the end of two weeks, books should be either returned or brought in and checked out again. A book that has been overdue for a month (and therefore checked out for six weeks) is considered lost. Students must return, renew, or begin paying for the lost book before additional books are checked out. 

Students are strongly encouraged to find a safe place at home to keep their library books whenever they are not reading them. We recommend that they always put their book back in the same safe place (or their bookbag) every time and to tell their parent or guardian where this safe place is. 

Parents, if you move your child to a new school during the school year, be sure EJMS library books and classroom books are returned before withdrawing your child.


Media Specialist:
Heather Wilbanks 
Computer Technician:
Beth Smith